We bring closer the demand with the supply
Offering products at competitive prices, especially in today’s world where both demand and supply is more unpredictable
Our task is to discover opportunity, develop and add value
This is why whatever your electricity consumption looks like in terms of volumes and patterns, we are confident that we can find something that suits your needs.
Expertise and collaboration. Our main asset is our team
40 highly specialized people including a team of senior meteorologists are focused on providing you with the most flexible and custom solutions.

A world without pollution

Because we are involved and we want to contribute to a world without pollution, in 2019, we decided to diversify our activity and to get involved in the renewable energy production sector. In this regard, Monsson Trading acquires the Gălbiori photovoltaic park in Constanța county, a project with 1 MW capacity.

PXE Prague

With the admission on the market of financial products managed by EEX, in the summer of 2019, Monsson Trading responded to the invitation to participate in the event organized by PXE in Prague, where our representatives met over 500 business partners. The event takes place annually and develops new horizons through the extraordinary people they bring together and through the experiences they share, in the most creative social setting.

Social responsability

As the smile of a child can brighten our day, so its suffering touches our hearts. Usually, donations for babies do not have such a complex destination. When we received the news from Baylor-Black Sea Foundation that one of the donations we can offer in 2018, will be to provide milk powder for babies whose mothers can not breast feed them, because of their health condition. We were happy to be part of the project .

Cultural event JazzUp Sea Festival

We kept the tradition of the last years and we supported with enthusiasm the cultural event “JazzUp Sea Festival”. The concerts continued the series of the “JazzUp Sea” project, offering the participants an enchanting experience!

EEX Transparency Platform

Starting with December 2020, Monsson Trading is able to forward and publish inside informations in accordance with REMIT regulations, by using the EEX Tranparency Platform.

Power supply

Monsson Trading has a specialized team willing to provide you all the information needed regarding the energy supply.

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Gas supply

We make it simple to manage your account wherever you are in the world. View your balances and history or make changes to your details.

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Monsson Trading is a regional player in the South Eastern Power Market with predominance in Romania, operating in all major trading exchange platforms.

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We are flexible and solution oriented for offering a tailored made formula in order to comply with the beneficiary corporate policy requests and necessities.

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Renewable Energy
We have been active in the energy field since 2009, our team consists of specialists from various fields of expertise, aiming to capitalize on renewable energy resources through complex market mechanisms in a way that will allow project owners a predictable return on investment
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