Social Responsibility

Monsson Trading strongly believes in the values of solidarity and sustainable development, which is why, over the years, it has supported many active organizations and public institutions in various fields: hospitals, kindergartens, parishes, cultural institutions.
In this regard, we considered that it is in our hands the decision to give the chance to life and at the same time a better life for our children. And in the future, we remain committed to making a positive contribution to society and the communities in which we operate by supporting our partners who work for important causes.


The crisis situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted investors and entrepreneurs to donate to hospitals in Romania what is required to win the fight against the virus.

Monsson Trading joins the fight and continues to be responsive to the needs of Constanta’s community, donating medical equipment worth 157,000 euros. The donation consisted in the purchase of two mechanical ventilation units worth about 80,000 euros, which have as their destination the Intensive Care Section of the Constanta County Hospital. The two high-tech fans are produced by General Electric (GE).

Also in the support of the Constanta County Hospital, Monsson Trading joined forces with the Celco and Dedeman, offering a sponsorship of 50,000 euros for the purchase of a UV disinfection robot. The company's contribution is worth 17,000 euros. The UVD robot uses the UVC light spectrum to disinfect hospital wards and patient rooms in a very short time.

Likewise, the company has prepared a donation worth 60,000 euros for the Hospital of Infectious Diseases in Constanța, providing through the Equal Opportunities Foundation a Real Time PCR System and the necessary equipment to reduce the waiting time for the results of the samples taken from patients suspected of COVID-19 infection. The purpose of this support is to urge other companies to follow our example, finding a general mobilization necessary to overcome a situation as large as the COVID-19 pandemic.



We cannot remain indifferent to the needs of our community, and every time we have the opportunity we are glad that we can contribute to its well-being.

For the second year in a row, Monsson Trading has chosen to continue its partnership with the "Baylor-Marea Neagra" foundation and provide financial support for two of the foundation's programs.
The amount donated - 20,000 ron - was divided equally between: the program for providing formula milk to prevent the transmission of HIV infection from mother to child and the program for providing emergency medical treatment to persons receiving long-term care. Thus, through the "Baylor-Marea Neagra" foundation and the generosity of benefactors, patients whose lives are marked by HIV can have access to free consultations, medical evaluations and specific medications.

Also this year, we got involved in supporting the cultural event "JazzUp Casino", the concert took place inside the symbolic monument of our city, the Casino. The concert continues the series of the cultural project "JazzUP Sea" started last year and continuously supported by Monsson Trading.


The needs of the society are high compared to its possibilities, which is why Monsson Trading intends to complete part of this gap through financial support as well as substantive (procurement procedure, technical consultancy) of the Operating Block of the Obstetrics-Gynecology Section in Constanta County Emergency Hospital.

We hoped to achieve more and more through the power of our work, and we succeeded. The charitable possibilities of our company have grown exponentially with the development of the business so that in 2018 we financed the purchase of 19 air conditioners for the Plastic Surgery Section within the Constanta County Hospital.

We love babies! Who can abstain? Usually, donations for them do not have such a complex destination but when we received news from our friends from the "Baylor-Marea Neagra" foundation that one of the gifts we can offer in 2018 will be to buy milk formula for babies whose mothers can’t breastfed them, we were glad to be part of the project.


As the smile of a child can brighten our day, so his suffering touches our hearts. We can bring the smile to each of us in our homes but the struggle against suffering requires the consolidated effort of several well-intentioned people, knowledge, time and energy. Monsson Trading received this challenge with honor by purchasing the medical equipment for the ATI - Pediatrics section.
The most important acquisition is a mechanical fan for incubators that can save the life of a newborn and not only. We mention here the other devices of major importance in a hospital: bactericidal lamps with UV light, ultrasound device, monitors, tensiometers, resuscitation kits for children, strings, computers, furniture, etc. The total value of the objects being over 41,000 euros.

"Sfânta Treime" parish is one of the beneficiaries of our support, accumulating a total financial support of 461,000 lei from 2012 ultil today. The purpose of this financial support is the completion of "Catedrala Eroilor" in Constanța, a place of worship that will mark the identity of the city of Constanta over the course of many generations to come.