We are flexible and solution oriented for offering a tailored made formula in order to comply with the beneficiary corporate policy requests.

We offer

PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) for projects entering into operation starting with 2020; For producers up to 3 MW with two possible price structures (Fix or Variable price linked to DAM price);

TSAs (Trading Services Agreements) or Synthetic PPAs for producers above 3 MW with two possible guaranteed revenue structures (Fix or Variable revenue linked to DAM price)​;

GCPAs (Green Certificates Purchase Agreements) for producers up to 3 MW;

VPP (Virtual Power Plant) is a way to compensate the surplus or production deficit of two or more electricity producers in order to ensure the correction of forecast errors and thereby reduce the operating costs of power plants;

We believe that like-minded organizations have an important role in giving RES producers access to energy market in order to maximize the seller’s revenue and profit.
Our customers’ Benefits
  • Part of our Visual Power Plant for dimishing the risks and balancing costs and optimising the selling of energy;
  • High expertise in performing trading and commercial operation for wind since 2009;
  • 40 highly specialized people for trading ​ including a team of senior meteorologists;
  • Daily trading including weekend for DAM​ (Day Ahead Market) and Intraday desks- mandatory for diminishing ​ the imbalances costs;
  • Well connected and represented for both ​ formal and informal meetings with authorities and associations;
  • Flexible in working with different price structure (DAM related or fix income);
By combining data and our own expertise into a predictive model, Monsson Trading solves complex problems in a transparent way with a high degree of predictive accuracy for best wind to profit balance.​
How we work
  • we integrate several forecasting providers and technical data of the wind farm using our own e-forecast system and execute the selling of energy on DAM and Intraday markets by maximizing the overall wind farm revenue;
  • we perform all the notifications energy related including the balancing ​ markets, BRP and TSO related services;
  • we manage the GO (Guarantee of Origin) obtain and transfer process;
  • we prepare all the necessary documentation for obtaining and selling ​ the GCs using a specialized IT infrastructure including TSO and OPCOM ​relation during the process;​
  • we provide expert support for the authority and markets reports and assure the interface with the necessary counterparties including ANRE, TSO, REMIT and Opcom. ​
  • we set up a complex and innovating VPP upon legislation permitting in order to decrease the balancing cost;​
Key figures

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The Team


Raluca Rusu

Head of Origination

Teodor Zabet

Forecast and Balancing Manager

Bianca Cosmoiu

Portfolio Manager

Adriana Cristea


Diana Popa


Eda Gemil

Trading Analyst
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